Mumford and Sons – Wilder mind


Just when I was searching for something new to listen to, I got my hands on Mumford and Son’s album – Wilder Mind.

With more use of electric instruments (which is quite prominent as compared to their earlier albums), their third album is straight up more indie than the earlier two.

Mumford and Sons have surely entered the rock domain with more use of drums and neater guitars, but the one thing they have kept intact in this shift is the brand sentiment. And by that I a mean their song writing. Themed on love, the album can serve as your transcendence of love.

Mumford and Sons didn’t forget to experiment with progressive songs either. “The Wolf” and “Snake Eyes,” for example, start off on tone down guitaring and pick up pace by the end. What seamlessly goes with the progression is Mumford’s voice. (with the new indie feel)

Not to be missed is, the title song – Wilder Mind.

The album definitely sets a path for the growth of this band, with earnestly composed songs.

Give it a try indie rock lovers, and decide for yourself. Suggest you start with – Believe.


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