10 years later, Mike Shinoda is back with Fort Minor


After what seemed like eternity, and after many of the fans lost all hopes of seeing them back, the time has come! Fort Minor is finally back with their new video: Welcome, after a looong hiatus of 10 years.

After the 10 years of no show, Mike Shinoda has taken the phrase ‘perfect comeback’ quite seriously, and you will get to know why when you watch the video.

So what exactly is the big deal?

The video shows Shinoda performing on piano, guitar and drums. The 360-degree functionality lets you move the footage in any direction, and if you have Google’s Cardboard goggles you can experience it in virtual reality.

That was for the visual treat, but is the music a treat to the ears?

Not really, or so I think. The music has traces of : Where’d you go, and Believe me, and is nothing out of the ordinary.

Themed on outcasts and people not fitting in, Welcome is actually not fitting in.

Well, it is anyway good to have Fort Minor back, now we can expect good music from them in the future 🙂

What do you guys think?


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