NH7 Weekender is here!

After a disappointing line-up by my past heroes The Great Indian October Fest (Bangalore) and Rock ‘N India being postponed until next year, my hopes of attending a metal gig this year were thrashed.
But then NH7 emerged as a Good Samaritan.

Though the line-up is not the best, but at least these guys are bringing in some action.

Who are we expecting?

MESHUGGAH and KARSH KALE COLLECTIVE (and many more, not important enough to be mentioned).

Nov 30 – Dec 1

Hence I get the topic for this post.

Everyone must know Meshuggah, so now for the first time, I take the pleasure to introduce a music composer from India.

Karsh Kale, is an Indian – American musician and singer. The roots of his music capture the essence of underground music, while he effortlessly mixes completely unrelated genres of music like Indian classical and folk with electronica, rock,ambient in his compositions.

Here is an example (even if you don’t get the lyrics, the music is gripping enough):

How to prepare for the gig?
NH7 Weekender Delhi

Next post soon enough 🙂


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