What rocks July?

July could be too hot, sultry, and wet (except in Greenland ofcourse), but do we care when there is music to bless our souls?
Apparently not.

Turns out that amazing music fests flood July, no matter what part of the world you are in. To start with, if you are in:

1. Germany, woah! You are certainly at the right place, at the right time.
Melt! Festival awaits.
When? July 19 – July 21
Where? Ferropolis, Leipzig, Germany.


Melt! Festival melts together, all the possible awesomeness one expects from a music fest. Exotic location, great setup, dance, many genres of music, about a 100 artists performing in 3 days, Melt! is sure to melt your soul.

2. Coming down, if you are at Croatia, well life will be a party during July 3 – July 15.
Why? Garden Tisno Festival will greet you.
Where? The Garden Tisno, Tisno, Croatia.


This amazing festival happens on a boat. That’s right, listen to top notch music, while you are cruising in the waters, sounds amazing? Well that’s exactly what it is about.

3. Come to my home land- India, and we will present to you- Bangalore Open air.
When? July 6 onwards.
Where? Bangalore, India.


Great lineup, great location, great crowd, give it all away with Bangalore Open Air.

4. And finally if you are in the USA, you may like attending- Wavefront Music Festival.
Where? Montrose Beach, Chicago, USA
When? July 5 – July 7


Though only in the second year of its roll, Wavefront Music Festival has grown to become one of the good music festivals of the USA. It will give you a full beachside dance experience, with a total of more than 100 artists performing live music.

go ahead, enjoy your summer!


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